The IronSide™ electric roll tarp from Shur-Co® was designed and built to survive the harsh hauling conditions of side dump applications. It's aptly named, with all structural components manufactured from steel for maximum strength and superior performance.

The Ironside™ allows the trailer to be loaded or unloaded from either side, with the tarp stored in a protected position underneath the side rail of the trailer.

Key Features
Durable Steel Tubing - The IronSide™ features spring-return arms constructed from durable 2-inch square 14-gauge steel tubing that are plated for corrosion resistance. The IronSide™ utilizes a simple free-swinging arm design with a robust boxed hinge for increased support.
Gear-Reduced Chain Drive - Allows for increased torque output of the electric motor to the roll rube, but most importantly, this allows the roll tube to be driven by a solid drive shaft supported on both ends by triple sealed bearings. A bearing-supported motor shaft eliminates the stress that would be seen by a motor driving a chain with an unsupported shaft. 
Extruded Aluminum Roll Tube - Made of extruded aluminum, this 3 9/16-inch OD roll tube is lightweight, but also strong enough to allow the tarp and roll tube to be listed above the trailer with minimal deflection while only supported by the return arms at each end. 
Robust Hinges for Increased Support - The hinged design of the return arms allows the tarp to be tightened underneath the side rail in the closed position. This limits tarp movement in transit and increases the life of the tarp. There are no complex rollers or spring-loaded knuckles to bind or wear out.
• Adjustable HD Torsion Springs - These heavy-duty 5/8-inch wire, cold-drawn torsion springs are durable, pre-load adjustable and provide the power to move the tarp system back to a closed position. 
Durable Fabric Cover - The IronSide™ tarp is constructed from a durable mesh fabric reinforced on the sides with 22-ounce solid vinyl fabric and webbing on the ends of the tarp. 

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