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Emergency Ballast Protection
For years it was accepted that hard-covers were the only way to protect ballast while being stored in emergency ballast cars throughout the United States. However, Shur-Co® Rail has been perfecting its cover and containment systems and is now a preferred source among many Class 1 Railroads.

Benefits of a Cover and Containment System from Shur-Co® Rail
• Fast and easy operation by a single person from the ground
• Reliable during emergencies
• Large equipment is not needed to remove cover as with many hard-covers
• Cover remains with car when not in use, reducing chances of misplacing covers
• Usable for stationary and high speed cars
• Light weight, allows cars to carry more ballast
• Much lower costs than steel hard-covers
• Limits the need for thaw sheds

Distillers Grain Protection
Shur-Co® has provided cover and containment systems for hauling distillers grain for more than ten years. We have applied the knowledge gained in this industry to our rail car covers. For distillers grain systems, we utilize special fabrics and corrosion resistant metals that extend the product life.

Benefits of a Cover and Containment System from Shur-Co® Rail
• Solutions for rotary dump and bottom dump cars available
• Custom cover materials stand up to high acid exposure and resist corrosion
• Stainless steel bows and hardware
• Customization for various loading and unloading operations

Open-Top Gondola Protection
A Shur-Co® Rail cover and containment system works around operational functionality parameters for various applications, including doors and hinges. 

Benefits of a Cover and Containment System from Shur-Co® Rail
• We strive to create applications that won’t diminish the structural integrity of the original application
• Completely removable, great for leased cars
• Breaths new life into old cars
• Designs work with minimal obstructions to top of cars
• Work within operational standards

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