KIT – 4500HD / ProTrap® Combo Double Hopper


KIT – 4500HD / ProTrap® Combo Double Hopper

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Trailer Make & Trailer Model Year: This information is used to determine the correct mounting brackets and hardware needed for installing your ProTrap® correctly.

Front of Trailer: This information will determine whether or not you need an additional mounting bracket  which is required for sloped trailers. Vertical trailer do not need the additional mounting bracket for installation.

Trap Style: The more common Rack & Pinion style of trap will call for our standard “PT250” motor with higher torque, while the Strap-Trap (sometimes called a Rollertrap™*) style will call for our lower torque “PT150” motor. It is important to note that the PT250 motor should not be used in place of the PT150 on those applications as it could damage your strap style or Rollertrap™ system because of the higher torque.

Front Hopper & Back Hopper Directions: DD refers to the Direct Drive rotation that the crankshaft must be turned to OPEN the hopper. If your hopper has a 2-speed gear box, look at the direction of rotation of the shaft & u-joint to determine this direction as the ProTrap® is pre-programmed and wired according to this information.

Remote Option: The patented SMART3™ remote is a 5-channel remote that utilizes the “Press-n-Hold” and “Express Mode” operational features and 1-way communication. The patented SMART2™ remote utilizes 2-way communication to display the status of the ProTrap® channel you are controlling. It also provides additional motor protection built into the controls and has “Express Mode” capability. For more information on the SMART3™ CLICK HERE and for the SMART2™ CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Please call Shur-Co® at 1-800-474-8756 to order triple and quad hopper trailers, lead/pup trailer combos or ProTrap®/4500HD combos.

*Rollertrap™ is a trademark of Wilson Trailer Company


The 4500 Series HD features a powerful American-made motor with all-metal gearbox and incredibly reliable magnetic brake. Preassembled, heavy-duty extruded aluminum torsion arms are equipped with spiral-reinforced elbows for flexibility to move smoothly over loads.

Available for all trailer makes and models! The 4500 HD’s motor produces optimal rather than increased torque (which can harm your tarp system). No electrical energy is used to actuate the brake, so there are no electrical connections to misfire. A patented pivoting motor mount allows for any misalignment of the roll tube without stress to the motor or arms. Click here for a complete 4500 HD description.

Get the one-two punch in trailer automation! Pair your 4500 HD electric tarp with the ProTrap® electric hopper door opener. ProTrap® slides the hopper doors open and closed while you stay back, out of the dust.

Shur-Co’s ProTrap® has all-metal gears and housing that are designed to handle hard stops, with a high-efficiency planetary gear reduction and circuit breaker at the battery to protect the motor. No need for unreliable limit switches that are easily damaged by field conditions. Our patented sealed SMARTwire™ helps prevent corrosion of connectors and dramatically reduces install time. We also provide integrated motor protection from road debris with our built-in mudflap. Click here for a complete ProTrap® description.

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