Tarp Saver™ 2-Cord Kit
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The Best-Built Tarp Cord On The Market Today. Designed By A Driver, For Drivers!

Tarp Saver™ Tarp Cords, now available from Shur-Co®, keep your tarp on your trailer in windy conditions! This is the genuine article, for lasting wind protection.


Tarp Saver™ Cords permanently attach to your trailer and over your tarp – bolt ‘em on and you’re done! In case the wind catches your tarp when opening or closing, the cords offer limited stretch to help prevent the tarp from flipping and taking YOU for a ride.  The cords are made of nylon tubular webbing so they don't scratch your trailer and will not abrade your tarp. With their heavy-duty construction and quality materials, Tarp Saver™ Tarp Cords keep your tarp where it belongs. (Dare to compare and see how much better these are built!)


Think about what a wind-caught tarp could cost you;


- Cost of tarp replacement

- Insurance claims & increased premiums

- Lost revenue because of down time

- Injury from trying to keep a wind-blown tarp from taking off or trying to keep it rolled up


This product is inventor-approved and driver-approved for Shur-Co’s product line.  The Tarp Saver™ has already been poorly copied by competitors.  Make sure you get the Original, GENUINE Tarp Saver™ from Shur-Co®.  MADE IN THE USA!


Key Features:
- High Strength ½” Diameter x 9-ft Bungee Cord
- Protective Heavy-Duty Black Nylon Sheath
- Triple Reinforced Hog-Ringed Connections on Each End   
- Commercial Grade Grommets
- Heat-Shrink Tubing on Stitch Lines
- Zinc plated fasteners, 3/8” self tapping screws and washers.


1 - 1704981 Tarp Saver™ Cord (Qty. 2)
2 - 1700400 Self-Tapping Screw - 3/8" x 1" (Qty. 4)
3 - 1700429 Flat Washer - 3/8" (Qty. 4)
4 - 1700434 Lock Washer - 3/8" (Qty. 4)
5 - 1704371 Hex Flange Nut - 3/8" (Qty. 4)


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Tarp Saver™ 2-Cord Kit

Tarp Saver™ 2-Cord Kit
SKU:  1704962
Price: $79.95

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Tarp Saver™ Cord

Tarp Saver™ Cord
SKU:  1704981
Price: $39.98

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