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When it comes to tarps, Shur-Co’s materials and workmanship are unmatched in the industry! And we want these exceptional tarps to remain safely and securely attached to your trailer.

That’s where Tarp Saver™ cords come in. If the wind catches your tarp when you’re opening or closing it, these prevent the tarp from flipping and taking you with it! They permanently attach to the trailer – bolt ’em on and you’re done! Simply attach one cord at the 1/4 mark on your trailer and the other at the 3/4 mark.

Right now, when you buy one of our Super Duty
Replacement Tarps, you can request one set of
Tarp Saver™ cords at no charge.

To qualify, each purchased tarp must be 24 feet or longer and fit box widths of 102 inches or less. Calls and walk-ins only – NOT AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE ORDERS. Also available from Authorized Shur-Co® Dealers Nationwide!

 – OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 28, 2013 –

Click here for more information on
Shur-Co’s Tarp Saver™ Cords.

Click here for more information on
Shur-Co’s Super Duty Replacement Tarps.

Download Super Saver Coupon PDF Here.

Available Tarp Colors Include:
Black, Royal Blue, White, Green, Tan, Red, Yellow,
Maroon, Marine, Brown, Orange, Grape and Gray

(All colors other than Black, Royal Blue and White
are our premium colors and require a 15% upcharge.)