Fabric Options

At Shur-Co®, we use the finest fabrics available, like solid vinyl-coated fabric with built-in UV inhibitors to reduce sun damage and fading. All of our fabrics are tested for tear strength, abrasion resistance, stitch and seam strength and cold-temperature flexibility and are designed to meet and exceed our extensive performance criteria. Shur-Co® tarps won't shrink, rot or mildew.


With our Value Series tarps, the tarp is narrower and has shorter tensioning straps than our Super Duty tarps. The Value Series is an economical choice with the same 12-month warranty as the Super Duty but can limit the user’s ability to tarp over heaped loads. Also, these tarps are only available in an 18-ounce fabric weight.

Our step-up Super-Duty tarps are available in two weights – 18 ounce and 22 ounce. This tarp is wider than the Value Series tarp and built in the same fashion you see on most new grain trailers. The longer tensioning straps provide slightly better tightening of the tarp while the extra width makes tarping heaped loads easier. If you are hauling aggregates or something other than small grains, using a Super Duty 22-ounce tarp is recommended.

Available 18 ounce colors include: Black (Standard), Forest Green, Grape, Grey, Maroon, Red, Royal Blue, Tan, White and Yellow.
Available 22 ounce colors include: Black (Standard), Forest Green, Grey, Maroon, Red, Royal Blue, Tan and White.

Exclusive to Shur-Co®, our DiamondCore™ premium fabric provides added material, additional reinforcement straps and unparalleled abrasion resistance. Unlike diamonds, no tarp lasts forever, but DiamondCore™ offers rock-solid quality backed by a 24-month warranty – the best in the industry.

Available in Black Only.

CRX TARPS (Chemically Resistant eXtreme) 
Originally known as Distiller’s Grain Tarp, this fabric is highly resistant to solvent chemicals or products that have been changed by the extractions of oils to make feed-based products. CRXT fabric can be used in a wide variety of applications whose chemical composition present challenges that our standard 18-oz., 22-oz. and Diamond Core™ tarps are not designed to withstand without becoming stiff and brittle. The resulting premature cracking and tearing increased the need for more frequent tarp replacements – often six months or less for daily haulers.

CRXT fabric uses material formulated to be stable for superior UV protection, high-temp performance, chemical resistance and increased adhesion for longer tarp life in these applications. Shur-Co® recommends CRXT fabric for any trailer, including live-bottom floor, hopper bottom, end dump, belly dump, etc., that hauls distiller’s grain in either a wet or dry application or other materials that might be chemically altered, especially where oils or other ingredients have been extracted from the original product make-up.

Available in Black Only.

Shur-Co® offers a durable lightweight mesh option, which offers good air circulation and provides secure containment. The Standard Mesh Tarps are available in a 14-ounce material.

Available colors include: Black, Royal, Red and Gray.

Shur-Co® quality shows, even in the smallest details. Reinforced stitching adds strength at stress points, reducing the likelihood of tears. Seams are heat welded for a watertight bond between panels; the added thickness creates an improved moisture barrier. Durable webbing straps are added to increase wear and durability in areas where the tarp can see abrasion.

(Please be aware that our standard tarp design has these webbing straps running up and over the top rail edge on applications for grain carts, trailers and tenders. Because they are sewn to the tarp, the stitching pierces the vinyl-coated material and can allow for minimal water seepage. This stitching can also allow some light to penetrate the inside of the box; it is not considered a defect in the tarp.)

Our standard 12-month warranty covers normal use of tarps and warrants against premature wear from workmanship or material defects. Our 24-month DiamondCore™ warranty also covers tearing on the stitching line due to over torquing of the tarp in the open/closed position for 24 months from the manufacture date. (This warranty only covers tarps used in standard small grain-handling applications on grain trailers.) Warranty is void if used with any electric tarp system other than Shur-Co’s 4500 Series HD. Warranty does not cover Standard Mesh Tarps, Specialty Mesh Tarps, Waterproof Asphalt Tarps or Water-Resistant Asphalt Tarps.