The Shur-Co® Advantage

Improved Safety and Security:
• Operators remain safely on the ground
• Replaces throw tarps – cover is permanently mounted to railcar to prevent loss or theft
• Eliminates bungees – secure ratchet straps hold cover tight

Shur-Co® Rail Soft Cover Solution

Most Cost-Effective Cover Solution on the Market:

• Lightweight – minimal reduction in useful load
• Loading and unloading times are shorter – reducing labor hours
• Improves fuel efficiency – covered car is more aerodynamic

Prevents Water Intrusion:
• Avoids product contamination from rain and snow
• Keeps emergency ballast dry and ready for deployment year round

Eliminates Product Loss:
• Perfect for lightweight commodities like cottonseed or wood chips
• Prevents dusting and resulting contamination of track bed

Twin-Flex™ Shur-Co® Rail Hard Cover Solution

Protects Your Corporate Image:

• Product cannot escape car
• Product is out of sight and out of mind

Environmentally Friendly:
• Eliminates spillage and dusting
• Eliminates need for spray-on coatings
• Reduces waste from disposable tarps

Backed by Over 50 Years of Experience Covering Over-the-Road Vehicles and Railcars.
Proudly Made in the USA.