Hammer™ II


With the Hammer™ II, you get one-size-fits-all styling for dump bodies up to 23 feet. Strong 1 1/2-inch diameter round “easy-off” pivot arms and flat coil torsion springs provide smooth, powerful operation. The GL model has a ground-level manual crank while the standard Hammer™ is powered by the Durabuilt™ 12V direct-drive motor with rotary switch. Optional upgrades include 40-amp Durabuilt™ rocker switch kit with solenoid, wind deflectors, pivot arm rests and spring trap and tarp trap hold-downs.

When pricing your Hammer™ system, you will need to order your choice of tarp and add that to the price. Choose from heavy-duty mesh, multicolored PVC mesh, 18-oz. vinyl or asphalt lumite. Asphalt lumite is water resistant and not PVC coated, so it’s able to handle much higher heat levels than vinyl. In addition to lumite, other asphalt-friendly selections are also available, including RFL, urethane-coated airbag, 22-oz. vinyl and doloprene. More tarp options can be selected, such as non-standard colors, side flaps, reinforced pockets or hems, webbing, boxed corners, stenciling, grommets and D-rings. Approximate shipping weight: 220 lbs.

Key Features
• Tarp Spool with Side Plates
• Extruded Aluminum Roller Bar
• 1.69" Round Arms - 2-Piece (Black Powder Coat)
• High Mount Compatible
• HD Ground-Level Crank with Chain Guard - Standard on P/N 1809574 & 1809578
• Duarbuilt™ Motor - Standard on P/N 1809555 & 1809556
• Rotary Switch - Standard on P/N 1809555 & 1809556

P/N Kit Name Arms Springs Electrics
1809574 Hammer™ II GL Straight Flat Coil (5) N/A
1809578 Hammer™ II GL 30° 30° Bend Flat Coil (5) N/A
1809555 Hammer™ II Straight Flat Coil (5) Rotary Switch
1809556 Hammer™ II 30° 30° Bend Flat Coil (5) Rotary Switch

Call 1-800-327-8287 for Product Pricing.

Additional Tarp System Options*
• P/N 1809571 - Steel Wind Deflector - 2 Pc.
• P/N 1800639 - Chain Guard (For Hammer™ II GL Kits)
• P/N 1802081 - Medium-Duty Arm Rest Kit
• P/N 1802008 - Steel Heavy-Duty Arm Rest Kit
• P/N 1128260 - Spring Trap II Hold-Down Kit
 P/N 1801490 - Tarp Trap Hold-Down Kit

• P/N 1801935 - Durabuilt™ Rocker Switch Upgrade (For P/N 1809555 & 1809556)
*Additional options may not be available for all applications.