Retractable Tarps

ShurTite™ offers high-quality retractable tarping systems that are convenient, and offers dozens of configurations for flatbeds, trucks and trailers. The ShurTite™ will save you time and money while reducing the chances of injury. One person is able to operate the system from the safety of the ground, opening and closing it in minutes. Operation is fast and easy and can be opened from the rear or the front of the trailer; whatever suits your needs best! When fully open, the system will compress to 8 feet long and lock to any spot on the trailer track.

At just 1,500 pounds (for a 48-foot flatbed), the ShurTite™ is both lightweight and aerodynamic. The ShurTite™ systems are built with top-quality aluminum and tarp materials, adhering to the Shur-Co’s strict manufacturing standards, and are backed by an end-to-end 2-year parts and labor warranty. The ShurTite™ is a very reliable product and has been field-tested in the Canadian winters to withstand temperatures as low as -45 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are no ratchets, straps or cranks on the ShurTite™ to get lost or misplaced. It is also easy to retrofit. The system ties into existing ratchet and post or winding brace tensioning systems. ShurTite™ offers several options, including pneumatic fuse, temporary manual op tool or remote air supply.


All ShurTite™ tarps are custom made to order and are nonreturnable. Correct physical measurements are essential for proper tarp fit. Provide all requested information on a detailed measurement sheet or your order may be delayed. Find trailer detail sheets here.  

DO NOT use universal body or trailer sizes; use actual measurements. Body or trailer size and finished tarp size are NOT the same. Choose the detailed measurement sheet that best fits your trailer body. Provide all measurements in inches.

Trailer MUST BE AIRED UP and fifth-wheel height set from ground BEFORE measurements are taken and recorded. Width of deck is from outside of rub rail to outside rub rail. Add any special instructions that we will need to know concerning your order.