SMART3™ Remote

The SMART3™ brings you the best of our SMART1+™ and SMART2™ remotes. Tthe simplest and best-performing SMARTrailer™accessory that Shur-Co® has to offer.

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SMART2™ Remote

It’s the latest in SMART-touch technology! The SMART2™ remote gives precision Express Mode control of our complete SMARTrailer™ line, displaying real-time positioning of tarp and traps.

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GustBuster™ Tarp Cords

Feature an innovative design like no other tarp cord in the industry. Attach GustBusters permanently to your trailer – keep tarps from flipping in the wind and taking you with them!

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DriveMaxx™ Auger Drive Kit

Add the DriveMaxx™ auger drive kit for swingaway hoppers to your SMARTrailer™ lineup! Now you can remotely operate all the things you do most frequently when dumping your truck: rolling the tarp, swinging the auger hopper into position and opening the traps.

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A perfect combination of affordability, durability and functionality! Complete 12-volt system is specifically designed for use with our SMART2™ or SMART1+™ remotes. It lets you work into the night with LED high-intensity flood beams.

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No need to get out of your tractor or truck when going through gates – this does the work for you, safely and easily.

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Mini Module

The Wiresless Mini Control Modules by Shur-Co® are compact wireless control boxes that can be used in dozens of applications. The Mini Module works directly from the module or can be operated by Shur-Co’s Exclusive SMART2™ remote.

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Solar Power Pack

Now you can power your tarping system without wiring your truck! Lightweight but powerful solar panel converts sunshine to recharge its battery.

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Service Truck Power Kits

• “Quick-Disconnect” Power Kit
• Mounts on Vehicle Grill or Other Convenient Location
• Ideal for Farm Machinery That May Require Frequent Jump Starts
• Sealed SMARTwire™ Connector

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SMARTDrive™ Motor

The SMARTDrive™ motor features Shur-Co’s exclusive SMARTwire™ sealed connections eliminating wiring corrosion. The SMART™ Technology operated motor allows for single-touch “Express Mode” functionality.

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DONOVAN® Accessories

Our Donovan® brand offers accessories for your tarping
needs including Durabuilt and Arm-Lok.

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