Mini Module

The Wireless Mini Control Modules by Shur-Co® are compact wireless control boxes that can be used in dozens of applications. The Mini Module works directly from the module or can be operated by Shur-Co’s Exclusive SMART2™ and SMART3™ remotes. The Mini Module can be purchased in three different variations Latching, Momentary and Hybrid (SMART2™ ONLY). Activate or operate your work lights, conveyors, tag axle, pump motor, engine starter, garage door, proportional valves, auger hydraulics and more the Wireless Mini Control Modules from Shur-Co®.

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 SMART2™ Latching Control Module  

 SMART2™ Momentary Control Module  

 SMART2™ Hybrid Control Module   

 SMART3™ Latching Control Module

 SMART3™ Momentary Control Module