SMART2™ Remote


The SMART2™ remote gives precision Express Mode control of our complete SMARTrailer™ line, displaying real-time positioning of tarp and traps. With it, you can control over 100 devices from more than 100 feet away.

Operate Shur-Co’s 4500 Series HD, AutoTrap™, ProTrap® and LiteALL™ LED work lights from the comfort of your cab. It’s advanced motor protection – you’ll know right away if a motor slows or stalls. And it’s safe! The transmitter has a built-in emergency shut-off; close the patent-pending flip-style lid and whatever is running stops immediately.

The SMART2™ is constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic and features a 2 1/2-inch digital screen that’s backlit for night operation. This remote doesn’t just open or close chosen applications – it lets you specify exact positioning! Automatically open tarps away from the stops to save on wear and tear and maintenance. Or open traps based on capacity of the elevator pits.

Key Features
• SMART2™ Remote - Controls SMART2™ LiteALL™ and 12-volt SMARTrailer™ electric accessories, with digital feedback on whether or not the light is on or off. Deactivates when cover is closed or after 3 minutes of inactivity.
• Rechargeable Lithium Battery
• Charging Cradle
• 12-Volt Car-Style Charging Cable