Belly Dumps

Shur-Trak II™

Moves the bows out of the way for wide-open loading on dump bodies, belly dumps and end dumps! Fully deployed, the standard tarp-over-rail design gives coverage several inches over the side rail to shed water better.

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Super Duty Shur-Lok®

Shur-Lok® provides you with watertight dependability, for increased productivity and less downtime – because more loads mean more profit!

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Value Series Electric

The Value Series electric swing arm accommodates belly dumps and works with minimum clearance and is easy to install and operate! The light-duty motor offers manual override capability and mounts on either the front or rear

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For reliable roll tarp system that performs well in windy conditions, the Cable-Lok™ is an ideal choice for belly dumps! Available in manual or electric.

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Premium Belt N' Ratchet (PBR)

If you’re in the business of transporting light yet bulky materials like wood chips and trash, you’ll find a Premium Belt 'n Ratchet the perfect tarping system! It allows you to heap your loads above the bows and still keep your tarp tight.

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Turning Point™ Bow

Bows swing up and out of the way for loading! Our exclusive Turning Point™ Bow system is controlled with a pull of the rope, while the operator remains safely on the ground.

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Electric Turning Point™ Bow

Bows swing up and out of the way for loading at the touch of a button! Our exclusive Turning Point™ Bow system, which moves the bows out of the way with the pull of a rope, is now available in an electric upgrade. 

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Donovan® Belly Dump Options

Our Donovan® brand offers a number of solutions for belly dumps including Arm-Matic™, Flash™, Bullet™, Hammer™ II and 5000X.

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