Electric Turning Point™ Bow


Bows swing up and out of the way for loading at the touch of a button! Our exclusive Turning Point™ Bow system, which moves the bows out of the way with the pull of a rope, is now available in an electric upgrade. This allows the operator to remain safely in the cab while operating the system with a rocker switch or remote control.

In manual or electric, our Turning Point™ Bow system’s center pivoting ridgepole holds the tarp without sagging, so you need fewer bows. The locking system provides secure support during transport and serves as a skid plate when bows swing closed.

Key Features
• Engineered for Harsh Conditions - The electronic actuator is designed for long life in the harshest outdoor environmental conditions. The Electric Turning Point™ Bow system operates safely in temperatures ranging from minus 86° to 140° F.
Automatic Overload Slip Clutch 
Locking Skid Plate 
Bow Actuator 
Actuator Brakes 
Easy Electric-to-Manual Conversion - In the event of an actuator, wiring or switch failure, the system can be easily converted to manual operation.
Patented Design - With our patented design, all of the bows move as one, in a single motion, swinging up and over loads without binding. Reverse swing bows are also available.