Premium Belt N' Ratchet (PBR)


If you’re in the business of transporting light yet bulky materials like wood chips and trash, you’ll find a PBR the perfect tarping system. It allows you to heap your loads above the bows and still keep your tarp tight.

Belt ‘n ratchet cranks are available in 84- and 114- inch lengths. Hold-downs secure the tarp tube for uniform tension. These can be ordered as strap tie-downs in 7- or 9- foot lengths or as ratchets with optional quick-release straps. An improved crank key on the econo-joint offers easy crank installation and removal. You can also order a convenient leave-on option for the crank arm, allowing it to remain attached to the trailer with a wire lock or pin.

Key Features
Pinless Offset Retainer - Provides added security, eliminates pin-and-cable hassles. Use on either side of trailer. 
Hold-Down Selection 
Flexible Easy-Off Tarp Stop 
Ridge Straps