Premium Belt N' Ratchet (PBR)


If you’re in the business of transporting light yet bulky materials like wood chips and trash, you’ll find a Premium Belt ‘n Ratchet the perfect tarping system. It allows you to heap your loads above the bows and still keep your tarp tight.

Belt ‘n ratchet cranks are available in 84- and 114- inch lengths. Hold-downs secure the tarp tube for uniform tension. These can be ordered as strap tie-downs in 7- or 9- foot lengths or as ratchets with optional quick-release straps. An improved crank key on the econo-joint offers easy crank installation and removal. You can also order a convenient leave-on option for the crank arm, allowing it to remain attached to the trailer with a wire lock or pin.

Key Features
Pinless Offset Retainer - Provides added security, eliminates pin-and-cable hassles. Use on either side of trailer. 
Hold-Down Selection 
• Flexible Easy-Off Tarp Stop 
• Ridge Straps