Whether you are hauling gravel, coal, scrap metal or rock, you need a tarp system that is as dependable as the rest of your equipment. Shur-Co® understands that downtime costs you money, and there is no worse situation than to be down because of a failed tarp system.

The Shur-Matic™ was designed with reliable and durable operation in mind. For applications from dump trucks to end dumps, Shur-Co® has the set up you need to meet your tarping needs. Conditions aren’t always ideal for using tarps, which is why the Shur-Matic™ was designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-repair.

Key Features
• Eliminates Joint Weakness - It starts with the arms. The extruded aluminum tarp arms are 1 piece, which eliminates weakness caused by a 2-piece transition or joint.
• Finer Tension Adjustment - On longer applications, high-strength steel pivot shafts feature a milled hexagonal shape for finer tension adjustments than square profiles commonly used in the industry. 
• Gatorshield® Touch - A 2-piece assembly allows the crossover/tarp tube to be custom fit to any width trailer. Built from strong Gatorshield® galvanized steel tubing, the elbows provide a strong transition from the arms to the tarp tube while keeping corrosion resistance in mind.
• Increased Corrosion Resistance - The 1-piece extruded aluminum arms and windshield are anodized to reduce wear and scratching while providing improved corrosion resistance that you don't get with regular polished aluminum arms. All exposed steel components and brackets are plated for increased corrosion protection. 
• Arm Options - For shorter applications that need to clear doors or loading areas, the arms come with a 2-foot, 30-degree bend. On longer applications, the system comes standard with straight arms.
• Fast and Easy Tarp Installation - The solid vinyl or mesh tarp can be mounted with screws directly into the extrusion or with square nuts inserted into the tarp axle channel for fast, easy replacement. 
• Remote Options Available - Upgrade to the SMART1+™ or SMART2™ for even more convenience and productivity. It eliminates the need to run a second set of wires to the cab for the rocker switch. 

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