Shur-Trak II™


Moves the bows out of the way for wide-open loading on dump bodies, belly dumps and end dumps! Fully deployed, the standard tarp-over-rail design gives coverage several inches over the side rail to shed water better. If water resistance is not a factor, our Short-Stop™ tarp option will eliminate friction, helping to extend the life of your tarp. (The tarp stops short of the inside rail.)

A universal landing with front cover is available in flat or raised style. The bolt-together design allows for trailer flex and offers easy installation. It squares radius corners and can be mounted out up to 18 inches on square corners for additional loading space.

Key Features
Low Friction and High Strength - Our exclusive Twist-Lok™ bow shanks, constructed of low-friction/high-strength polymer, twist off without removing the cable. The shanks are available in standard and Short-Stop™ styles. 
Motor Options Available  - Choose between our Durabuilt™ motor for systems under 25' and our heavy-duty motor for systems over 24'. Electric system is now available with the SMARTransmitter® remote control.
Reduces Binding - Wheel windguards with inline design can be added as needed to reduce binding. Another option is the continuous windguard with offset arm which positions the windhooks under the anchor as the system opens and closes. 
Tension Adjustments Made Easy - The improved cable tension scale is equipped with a thrust washer to make adjustment easy. A sight gauge shows if more tension is needed, a correction you can make with a few twists of your wrist.
Reduces Tarp Stress and Sagging - A rear bow stabilizer prevents the rear bow from rocking. This reduces stress on tarp, cable and bow shanks and lessens tarp wear at the point of attachment. It also reduces tarp sagging and wear. 
Remote Options Available - Upgrade to the SMART1+™ or SMART2™ for even more convenience and productivity.