Cable-Lok™is the smoothest move in tarping – from open to closed, simply and easily. Spring-loaded tension with cable attachment keeps your tarp tight, even in moderate wind conditions. It covers boxes up to 24 feet long and 12 feet wide. 

Durable nylon spools and a galvanized steel cable offer a unique blend of strength and endurance, to keep the system operating smoothly year after year. Ratchets let you adjust tarp tension at install; consider an upgrade to the 42-inch cable for added convenience.

A non-collapsible, reinforced flexible hose assembly moves the tarp spool freely and easily across the end caps. The telescoping/indexing crank arm provides optimum adjustment – a nylon sleeve bushing lets you quickly change arm length and the indexing handle adjusts to 6 angles set by 60-degree increments. Its easily disassembled 2-piece design makes for economical replacement.

Key Features
No-Weld Install 
Easy-Off Tarp Stops - Permits fast, easy tarp removal with minimal tools. Self cleaning-  no grain buildup. 
Galvanized Bows and Brackets - Bracket lets bow flex to allow for box expansion. In low-rise and high-rise styles. 
Galvanized End Caps - Weld-free construction offers corrosion resistance, and front guard reduces wind whip. 
• 1" Ridge Strap - Stretch-resistant webbing prevents tarp sag between bows.
Galvanized Telescoping/Indexing Crank - Nylon sleeve bushing offers arm length/handle adjustment by 60-degree increments. 2 pc. 
Telescoping Nylon Crank Retainer - Secures telescoping/indexing handle. Prevents extension of handle during travel. 
Spool w/Galvanized Cable w/Zinc-Plated Ratchets - Allows tightening of tarp at installation. In 18-inch and 42-inch cable lengths. 
Aluminum Roll Tube w/Channeled Tarp Attachment 
Galvanized Fixed Tube - Anchors tarp on one side of box or trailer to facilitate tarp rolling. 1-1/8- inch diameter. 
18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp - Heat-welded seams provide an added moisture barrier. Built-in UV inhibitors resist fading.