Super Duty Shur-Lok®

Shur-Lok® is the heavy-duty workhorse that will outperform your expectations. It offers dependable protection from the elements and superior workmanship that will stand the test of time. Standard features will do the job for you – and do it well, but if you like to customize, we have an outstanding selection of options and upgrades.

Our adaptable hardware lets you position the crank arm in the most efficient spot. The standoffs come in 3-inch, 7-inch and 11-inch sizes while J-hooks are available in regular, pinless and offset-with-pin retainers. An upgrade to our pinless offset retainer will eliminate any pin-and-cable hassles and can be secured on either side of the cart. We also offer a universal crank retainer support kit to accommodate non-vertical configurations.

Ridge straps are made of stretch-resistant high-tensile webbing to keep the tarp from sagging between bows. We recommend dual straps for offset placement, a larger center opening and a clear flow for loading to reduce grain splatter.

For extra-wide carts with tip-top extensions, we suggest flat caps and trussed teardrop bows. The caps help shed water better while the teardrop bows facilitate tightening of the tarp. Trusses offer additional support for wide bows, where flat areas are susceptible to bending.

Key Features
Aluminum Latchplate - Lighter weight version of the galvanized latchplate, for a more professional appearance.
Recessed Tarp Stops - Wraps outside of narrow top rail on grain carts. Accommodates lip in-lip out top rails. 
Galvanized Bows and Brackets - Bracket lets bow flex to allow for box expansion. In low-rise and high-rise versions. 
Galvanized End Caps - Weld-free construction offers corrosion resistance and a sharper appearance. 
1" Ridge Strap (Carts Over 8' 6" Get 2) - Stretch-resistant webbing prevents tarp sag between bows. In 1-inch and 2-inch sizes. 
Stretch Cord Return - Helps guide front of roll tube across end cap. A protective cover reduces fraying. 
Long Crank Arm w/80" Extension - Provides four-position length adjustment. Mounts horizontally or vertically.
Pinless Crank Retainer w/7” Standoff - Secures crank arm to trailer without pins or cables. Safe and easy to use.
Universal Retainer Support Kit - Kit accommodates non-vertical configurations often needed on grain carts and wagons. 

18- or 20-Oz. Vinyl Tarp - Heat-welded seams provide an added moisture barrier. Built-in UV inhibitors resist fading.