AutoTrap™ combines the best elements of Shur-Co® SMARTrailer™ design! You get a compact, high-clearance system at an affordable price, with patented SMARTwire™ connections and built-in compatability with our SMART1+™ or SMART2™ remote.

The thru-bore motor design of the AutoTrap™ has performance characteristics comparable to our ProTrap® system, but in a more compact size and weight – nearly 40% lighter! This design also allows for easy one-bolt conversion to manual operation, if necessary. The protective polymer sleeve acts as a corrosion barrier between drive shaft and motor.

This system has a one-size-fits all design, to interface with 1-inch, 7/8-inch or 3/4-inch crank shafts. Wireless operation via pre-programmed SMART1+™ or SMART2™ remote is standard while push-button controls at each opener are also included.

Available in 1-hopper, 2-hopper, 3-hopper and 4-hopper stand-alone configurations or in combination with 4500 Series HD electric tarps, AutoTrap™ is the industry’s premium choice in electric hopper openers.

Key Features
• All-Metal Gear Motor 
• Integrated Rock Shield 
• Thru-Bore Motor 
• Protective Polymer Motor Sleeve 
• Thru-Bore Manual Drive Shaft w/3/4" Hex Milled End 
• Universal Mounting Bracket 
• Crank Shaft Adapter Kit 
• 1-Bolt Manual Changeover 
• Emergency Back-Up Crank 

• SMARTwire™ Sealed Harness - Our patented SMARTwire’s sealed connections make installation easy – no additional wire stripping or crimping of connections required. The SMARTwire™ harness has molded rubber connectors and automotive silicone seals, precision-machined brass pins and sockets and dual 6-gauge wire. 
• SMART2™ or SMART1+™ Remote - SMART-touch technology for precision control of Shur-Co® electrics! The SMART2™ remote offers 2-way communication in an easy-to-read digital display. The SMART1+™ has the original SMARTransmitter’s basic 5-way interface plus additional features.

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