The smoothest move in tarping - from open to closed, simply and easily! Spring-loaded tension with cable attachment keeps your tarp tight, even in moderate wind conditions.

An extruded tarp attachment slot runs the full length of the aluminum roll tube. Once the tarp is inserted, a safety rod anchors it in place, making for easy tarp removal down the road. A reinforced, non-collapsible flexible hose assembly moves the tarp freely across the end caps. Ask about our electric options! 

Key Features
 No-Weld Install - No-weld installation makes the Cable-Lok™ a go-to choice for busy farmers. 
 Galvanized Bows - Bracket lets bow flex to allow for box expansion. In low-rise and high-rise styles. 
 Galvanized End Caps - Weld-free construction offers corrosion resistance, and front guard reduces wind whip. 
 Easy-Off Tarp Stops - Permits fast, easy tarp removal with minimal tools. Self cleaning - no grain buildup.
 Standard Crank Arm w/Reinforced Flexible Hose Assembly - Reinforced flexible hose assembly attaches to arm, moves tarp spool easily across caps. 
 J-Hook Retainer w/7” Standoff - Traditional style retainer uses pins and cables to secure arm. 
 1” Ridge Strap - Stretch-resistant webbing prevents tarp sag between bows. 
• Aluminum Roll Tube w/Channeled Tarp Attachment 
 Galvanized Fixed Tube - Anchors tarp on one side of box or trailer to facilitate tarp rolling. 1-1/8 inch diameter.
 Spool w/Galvanized Cable and Zinc - Plated Ratchet  
 Adjustable Tension 
 18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp - Heat-welded seams provide an added moisture barrier. Built-in UV inhibitors resist fading.