Shur-Lok® Jr.

The super-economical Shur-Lok® Junior opens and closes the tarp exactly like the Shur-Lok®, but the caps are built right in! One-person operation is fast and easy – you crank the tarp up and over while standing safely on the ground.

A specially designed econo-crank with square key allows for four-position adjustment of the tarp tension. Easy-to-reach straps with bungee cords facilitate quick release and are readily accessible when securing the tarp for windy weather and transport.

Recessed tarp stops wrap the narrow top rails of grain wagons and keep the tarp from rolling off. The plastic protective cap protects the tarp from sharp corners.

Recommended only for boxes up to 9' wide and 15' long and vehicles not exceeding speeds of 35 mph.

Key Features
Galvanized Steel Latchplate - Runs entire length of box to offer resistance for roll tube to snug up against. 
Fabric Caps Formulated into Tarp - Forms watertight seal where tarp and trailer meet. Flexes to prevent loading damage. 
Galvanized Steel Bows/Brackets - Bracket lets bow flex to allow for box expansion. Extended version also available. 
Recessed Tarp Stops - Wraps outside of narrow top rail on grain carts. Accommodates lip in-lip out top rails. 
Crank Arm w/4-Position U-Joint - Provides 4-position length adjustment. Mounts horizontally or vertically. Standard or long. 
J-Hook Retainer w/7" Standoff - Traditional-style retainer uses pins and cables to secure arm to trailer. 
1" Ridge Rope 
Pinless Crank Retainer w/7” Standoff - Secures crank arm to trailer without pins or cables. Safe and easy to use. 
Universal Retainer Support Kit - Kit accommodates non-vertical configurations often needed on grain carts and wagons. 

18- or 20-Oz. Vinyl Tarp - Heat-welded seams provide an added moisture barrier. Built-in UV inhibitors resist fading.