Super Duty Shur-Lok®

The Super Duty Shur-Lok® is designed and built for maximum durability! This roll tarp system is a must in rainy or windy weather. With proper tension, the tarp stays tight no matter what your wagon length.

Galvanized steel or fabric end caps come standard. Ridge straps are made of high-tensile, stretch-resistant webbing to keep the tarp from sagging in between the bows.

With no ropes, cables, clamps or tie-downs, the Super Duty Shur-Lok® is easy to install and operate.

Key Features
• Aluminum Latchplate - Lighter weight version of the galvanized latchplate, for a more professional appearance. 
• Easy-Off Tarp Stops - Permits fast, easy tarp removal with minimal tools. Self cleaning - no grain buildup. 
• Galvanized Bows/Brackets - Bracket lets bow flex to allow for box expansion. Extended version also available. 
• Aluminum End Caps - Sharper match for aluminum trailers. High-rise option provides more space for loads.
• 1” Ridge Strap w/Ratchet - Stretch-resistant webbing prevents tarp sag between bows.
 Stretch Cord Return - Helps guide front of roll tube across end cap. A protective cover reduces fraying. 
• Standard Crank Arm w/80” Extension - Provides four-position length adjustment. Mounts horizontally or vertically. 
• Pinless Crank Retainer w/7” Standoff - Secures crank arm to trailer without pins or cables. Safe and easy to use. 
• 18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp - Heat-welded seams provide an added moisture barrier. Built-in UV inhibitors resist fading.