Tater-Top™ Comes “Loaded” with Features
"Loaded with features, but without hydraulics to weigh it down! Lower cost and easier installation, too. Rolls and climbs to clear heaped potato loads - no bows needed. Hinged pivot arms swings all the way around the back, a full 270 degrees, so nothing will obstruct rear doors. The standard rear arm swings out and can be locked in the open position - allows operators to back into tighter confinements. (Fixed rear arm also available.)

Exclusive Tater-Top™ potato trailer tarping system provides super-secure closure. Tarp snugs up under the latchplate (a design originally patented on the Original Shur-Lok®) and a bungee in the Shur-Lok® tarp closes it tightly, with no overhang. A mini "Poor Boy" tail replaces the face panel. The powerful worm gear motor makes for improved clearance. Our SMART electronics operate the tarp system in Express Mode, with programmable stops. 30' box limit.

• Powerful Worm Gear Motor
• Hinged Swing Pivot Arm w/Locking Rear Brace
• Universal Mounting Brackets
• Heavy-Duty Steel Arms 
• Aluminum Latchplate
• Mini "Poor Boy" Tail 
• SMART3™ Remote Compatible