Premium Belt N' Ratchet (PBR)


Affordable Way To Comply With Stricter Tarping Laws!

Premium Belt ‘n Ratchet roll tarps help you keep dumpsters free of unauthorized garbage. The tarp stays with the container, on or off the truck, so it can’t be lost or left behind, and it rolls open or closed quickly and easily. It increases the capacity of your container – especially the PBR system, which allows you to heap loads. As an interesting side benefit, the systems have been found to reduce workman’s compensation claims because no one needs to crawl on top of the trailer.

These roll-off container systems meet or exceed DOT regulations. They protect container contents from bad weather, reduce the opportunity for illegal dumping, improve fuel economy during transport and can be made to fit any application.

Key Features
Ratchet Hold-Downs 
Standard Crank Arm 
Standard or Easy-Off Tarp Stops - Easy-Off Tarp Stops are super-strong construction – impact and abrasion resistant, yet maintain flexibility through temperature and moisture changes. Ideal for subzero conditions. Available in upright or 6” offset.
18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp 

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