The APEX™ (patent pending) Chip and Refuse Trailer Tarping System is the newest addition to Shur-Co’s diverse line of industry leading covering systems for heavy trucks and trailers. The unique APEX™ design addresses common challenges faced by operators of wood chip and refuse trailers including excessively tall material loads, cramped spacing between the tractor and the trailer, and top-hinged rear doors with forward-positioned hinge mounts.

Key Features and Benefits
• Easily covers chip and refuse loads as tall as 24” above the trailer top rail. Load peaks are typically highest immediately after loading and before the material has settled. The APEX™ hinged front and (patent-pending) rear arms allow the system to cover such loads easily and effectively in seconds.
• Fits trailers with reduced spacing between the tractor (cab) and the trailer. In situations where operators have limited spacing between the back of the cab and the front of the trailer, tight turns can damage automatic tarp system components. The APEX™ system’s low-profile electric motor allows use of the APEX™ system on trailers when other covering systems may not be a viable option.
• Unique two-knuckle rear arm (patent pending) allows APEX™ to operate effectively on trailers where rear door top hinges are located as much as 10” forward from the rear of the trailer. Forward-mounted rear hinges render most other tarp systems’ rear arms unusable. The APEX™ gets the job done when the others cannot.
• Retrofit-able to trailers where manual tarp systems or other automatic systems are already installed. APEX™ is compatible with most brands of roll tarp systems with flat caps. Owners of manual side to side tarp systems interested in converting to electric OR those unsatisfied with their current electric tarp systems can upgrade by retrofitting their trailer with the APEX™.
• Superior motor & circuit protection. APEX™ offers “Express Mode” functionality when used with capable models of Shur-Co’s SMART series remote controls, which provides automatic, one-push covering and uncovering without current spikes. SMARTwire™ connectors seal all terminal connections and eliminate corrosion.