The Shur-Co® Process

The Challenge:
No matter the challenge, Shur-Co® Rail can meet your needs. Our partners receive the benefits of a 16-engineering staff utilizing the latest 3-D modeling programs. Each of our cover containment systems has been developed to meet the needs of our customers:
• Minimize operational effort while increasing safety.
• Minimize loading obstructions.
• Make system completely operational from the ground.
• Create anti-vandal operation.
• Co-develop customized materials for unique rail applications.

In order to better understand your specific needs and requirements our engineers and R&D department research the market and industry to find what is working and what is not working. Product improvement is a staple of Shur-Co® Rail. We follow all the necessary steps to guarantee complete customer satisfaction:
• Seek customer input.
• Study their process.
• Design solutions.

Shur-Co® Rail designs and develops cover containment systems for your specific needs. We develop solutions based on value to the customers. We have developed systems for rail cars hauling ballast, hazardous materials, grain distillers and cottonseed. Shur-Co® Rail has developed systems for rotary dump cars and bottom hopper cars.

Shur-Co® designs and utilizes unique components to meet the needs of complex railway applications. Those needs include:
• Cover operations from a variety of allowable operator safety zones.
• High wind exposures.
• Minimum obstructions when top loading.
• High flex-fatigue applications.
• Cover securement.

Once as solution has been found we do rapid prototyping and solution performance monitoring. The prototypes can be used during the testing phase to verify the physical integrity of the solution.

Shur-Co® Rail goes the extra mile to create superior products that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our fabric has built-in UV inhibitors to reduce sun damage. Thanks to our rigorous fabric testing, your valuables are protected for long hauls.
• Tear tests
• Wind resistance tests
• Structural integrity tests
• Fatigue tests
• Weight requirement tests

Shur-Co® Rail continually strives to put safety above all else. In doing so we have integrated many safety features into our system designs. These safety features work to protect the system and the railway operations. Shur-Co® works within AAR safety and performance regulations. 

The Benefits:
Protecting your loads and meeting industry standards are a major part of the rail industry. 
• Eliminate Dusting
• Avoid Product and Freight Loss
• Avoid Product Contamination 
• Potential Fuel Savings
• Improve Unloading
• Enhance Corporate Image
• No Waste from Disposable Tarps

Shur-Co® Corporate Help Lines

  • Available Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm CST
  • Agriculture Inquiries: 1.800.474.8756
  • Construction Inquiries: 1.877.729.2969
  • Flatbed Inquiries: 1.877.474.8726
  • All Other Inquiries: 1.800.437.4172

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