Donovan® Tarps Release UT Tarp System™

Posted 09/01/2020

Simple, Affordable and Low Maintenance
Donovan® Tarps Expands Product Offerings with New UT Tarp System™

Donovan® Tarps is pleased to announce the expansion of its product offerings with the addition of the UT Tarp System™.

The UT Tarp System™ is the perfect choice for landscapers and other light-duty body operators; this system packs neatly in a UPS-shippable box with no over-length charges to deal with and installs quickly and easily. At install, the overall width of the system can be set from 86 to 104 inches right out of the box. The roll tube can be easily shortened to accommodate narrower bodies, if needed. Right off the shelf, the UT Tarp System™ kit bolts or welds directly to the bearing plates incorporated into most trailers and truck bodies. The UT Tarp System™ offers simple, secure operation and can be paired with any of our stock tarp materials, including PVC mesh, Asphalt Lumite, Donoprene or 18 ounce vinyl. Replacement tarps are in stock and readily available.

We’re very excited to launch the new UT Tarp System™. As with our entire line of great Donovan® and Shur-Co® branded covering systems, we seek a great deal of input from body builders, installers and end-users and work to ensure we address their needs in our product design. We know there are a lot of landscape operations and utility body operators in need of a well-built tarp system that combines the elements of quality, simplicity, ease-of-use and affordability. We believe we’ve addressed each of those elements in our newest Donovan® design and look forward to bringing this product to the market.

Scot Fuhrman
VP of Construction and Waste Sales