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Tom Tacke
Service Center Manager

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Welcome to Shur-Co® of South Dakota

The Yankton branch operation serves customers from Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota as well as South Dakota. The branch outlet store opened in 1998 and operates two service and installation bays specifically designed for speed and ease of tarp installations. At Shur-Co®, we understand that down time is money, so we do our best to make it a one-stop repair and installation for you, our valued customer.

The Yankton branch specializes in tarps that are out of the ordinary, like silage boxes with gates to work around. Branch manager Tom Tacke says that even though the Shur-Co® kits are sent with complete installation instructions, people will call and have him walk them through it, which he’s happy to do.

The South Dakota branch has a tarp department capable of manufacturing tarps from scratch when necessary and a shipping department to get products to customers with short lead times.

About Your Branch Manager

Tom Tacke has been the manager of the South Dakota branch outlet store since its start in 1998, and has worked at Shur-Co® since 1995. He knows his job and he knows his customers, helped by the fact that he’s from a local farming family that has lived and worked on the home place for over 60 years.

He says it’s good that he’s “been in the neighborhood” all his life, so to speak, because he knows so many of his customers on a personal level. It’s what he enjoys, which is why he also finds going to the various trade shows so rewarding. “I get to find out what the customers are like and what they actually need,” he says, “which lets me serve them in the best way possible.”

He takes pride in Shur-Co® quality, explaining, “Once a customer buys one system, he’ll be back for his next one.” Married with four children, Tacke enjoys following his kids’ activities. He’s happy with his job, saying, “It’s been good here,” and credits co-workers, with a special nod to the tarp and metal fabrication departments and the packing staff for going above and beyond to keep things running smoothly. “We’re a real good team; it couldn’t be done otherwise.”

Next time you’re in Yankton, South Dakota, be sure to stop in! Then you can say you’ve met Tom.

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