UT Tarp System™


The UT Tarp System™ ships with a pre-assembled crank handle. The overall width of the system can be set from 86 to 104 inches right out of the box. For applications narrower than 86 inches it is simple to cut the roll tube(s) to accordingly. Right off the shelf, the UT kit bolts or welds directly to the bearing plates incorporated into most trailers and truck bodies. For bodies without a built in tarp system, mount plates kit (P/N1809905) includes mounting plates and fasteners you’ll need to quickly and easily mount your new UT Tarp System™. (Kits contain hardware only. Tarps sold separately—see reverse for sizes and part numbers.)

The UT Tarp System™ offers simple, secure operation and can be paired with any of our stock tarp materials, including PVC mesh, Asphalt Lumite, Donoprene or 18-Oz vinyl. Replacement tarps are in stock and readily available. To cover, pull tarp to back of body and tie off pull rope to brackets (provided). Locking-sprocket crank secures tarp. To uncover, untie pull rope and uncover using crank handle. One-piece and three-piece pullbar assemblies available.

Key Features
• "Tarp-Locking" Crank Handle
 Molded HDPE End Caps 
 3-Piece Adjustable Width Aluminum Roller Bar 
• Heavy-Duty Bearings
• Adjustable Width from 86" to 104"
 Tension Ratchet

P/N Kit Name Box Width Features
1809414 UT Tarp System™ 86" - 104" w/Crank-Locking Sprocket
1809905 UT Tarp System™ w/Mounting Plates 86" - 104" w/Crank-Locking Sprocket
1809934 UT Tarp System™ w/3-Pc. Pull Bar 86" - 104" w/Crank-Locking Sprocket
1809935 UT Tarp System™ w/3-Pc. Pull Bar & Mounting Plates 86" - 104" w/Crank-Locking Sprocket
P/N Details Features
1809846 1-Piece Pullbar Kit w/Hardware Cannot Ship UPS
1809829 3-Piece Pullbar Kit w/Hardware Ships UPS Standard Rate
1809784 Mounting Plate Kit w/Hardware For Trailers & Bodies that DO NOT have Pre-Fab Mounting Holes for Tarp System

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