Shur-Lok® Replacement Tarps – 18 oz. Super Duty


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Does Not Fit 3″ Roll Tube Shur-Lok® or Cable-Lok™ Tarp Systems. To Order Replacement Tarps for 3″ Roll Tube Shur-Lok® or Cable-Lok™ Tarp Systems Please Call 1-800-474-8756.

Shur-Lok® Super Duty tarps are made to a finished width of 123″ for a standard 96″ wide trailer (or box) and 129″ for a standard 102″ wide trailer.

Shur-Co® offers fabric options that meet our customers’ needs. Only Shur-Co® regularly tests fabrics for tear strength, abrasion resistance, coating adhesion, stitch and seam strength, cold flex and wind whip – in order to create the most suitable covers for your applications.

Our tarps are engineered to meet and exceed Shur-Co’s extensive performance criteria. The 18-ounce or 22-ounce PVC-coated high-tenacity polyester material will not rot, shrink or stretch and offers unparalleled adhesion (to reduce wind whip), color match and colorfastness. This is the best PVC-coated fabric we have ever worked with from anywhere in the world. We have used tens of millions of yards in several applications, and it outperforms all others. These covers are also constructed with heat-welded seams in the main body of the cover for a double thickness that offers an extra layer of moisture protection for your wagons, trailers and trucks.

Super-Duty tarps are available in two weights – 18 ounce and 22 ounce. This tarp is wider than the Value Series tarp and built in the same fashion you see on most new grain trailers. The longer tensioning straps provide slightly better tightening of the tarp while the extra width makes tarping heaped loads easier. If you are hauling aggregates or something other than small grains, using a Super Duty 22-ounce tarp is recommended.

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Note: Our fabric is the most consistent in color year to year, roll to roll and cover to cover. We do not guarantee exact color match from cover to cover. (Occasional sheen variation can create the appearance that color varies ever so slightly.)


Shur-Co® only offers Super Duty Shur-Lok® replacement tarps online at this time in Black. For additional color options and pricing please contact Shur-Co® Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-474-8756.


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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 in