Shur-Lok® Electric


The Shur-Lok® Electric swing arm accommodates sloped or vertical trailers and boxes, works with minimum clearance and is easy to install and operate. The light-duty motor offers manual override capability and mounts on either the front or rear.

The Shur-Lok® Electric swing arm works on existing Shur-Lok® systems and bodies up to 34 feet long. It’s equipped with a front and rear bungee return and durable steel components and can be installed tight up against the box for tight clearances between the cab and body. Available in stainless steel for additional corrosion resistance.

The versatility of having a light-duty motor option allows you to better fit your trailer size and configuration. Proper motor choice can affect how much tension your tarp creates over the bows and end caps when in the closed position. This impacts wind flutter control and tarp wear and can also affect how the tarp rolls and handles irregularities during operation.

Key Features
• 90° Worm Gear Motor 
• Pivot/Slide Arm Design w/Versatile Mounting Options 
• Rocker Switch in Cab or Remote Controls 
• Bungee Return System 
• Exposed Spline