SMARTDrive™ Motor


• Shur-Co® exclusive SMARTwire™ features 100% sealed connections, and eliminates wire corrosion.
• Hex-Through-Bore Design – Allows motor to float on shaft, reducing motor stress.
• Encoder Wire – Allows for improved motor protection and use of Shur-Co’s 2-way connection with remotes.
• ShurLink™ remote with single-touch “Express Mode”.
• ShurLink™ App – Allows for customization of device parameters and behavior using your smartphone.
• Warranty Policy – 3-year warranty on motor. 1-year warranty on electrical components.

Silicone Seals: SMARTwire™ plugs and sockets utilize automotive-grade sillicone seals to prevent water intrusion. Capable of temporary immersion, these connectors can survive harsh environments including off-road applications and exposure to road salt and de-icing chemicals.
Molded Plugs: Shur-Co® high-current plugs and sockets are over-molded directly onto the 4- or 6-gauge cable. This produces a water-proof seal at the back of the plug, preventing water intrusion along the cable.
Brass Pins and Sockets: The pins and sockets in our SMARTwire™ high-current connectors are CNC machined to close tolerances, guaranteeing a tight, low-resistance connection every time. These connectors have the same resistance as the 6-gauge cable, so you won’t see additional voltage loss.
Wires and Cables: Shur-Co® wire and cable materials were selected for high flexibility, chemical resistance and wide temperature range. We use high-strand count copper conductors in our 4- and 6-gauge cables, allowing easier routing and tight radius bends.