DriveMaxx™ Auger Drive Kit

Add our DriveMaxx™ auger drive kit to your swingaway hoppers to complete your SMARTrailer™ lineup! Now you can remotely operate all the things you do most frequently when dumping your truck: rolling the tarp, swinging the auger hopper into position and opening the traps. The final component to Shur-Co's complete "system solution" for remote operation at harvest time. Quickly swings your auger hopper into position from the comfort of the cab.

Independent 2-wheel dual-motor drive is powered by 220 lb.ft. of torque per motor. Direct-drive motors are designed with right-angle rear drives and no chains or chain tensioners. This system is rugged and dependable, with an aggressive tire tread. Sealed SMARTwire™ connections and receiver box, plus completely enclosed gear boxes, provide watertight reliability. The control box can be mounted on the discharge tube if desired.

The kit also includes a push-button LiteALL™ LED flood light that features a magnetic base for easier, more adaptable mounting. The manual flood light version can be upgraded to a ShurLink EZR™ or ShurLink PRO™ LiteAll™ for remote control operation. An open light channels lets you add a second LiteALL™ to illuminate auger discharge or for placement on the main auger tube to light the work area.

Key Features
• ShurLink™ Wireless Remote Operation  
• 12-Volt Electric Shur-Co® Motor
• Sealed Receiver Box
• SMARTwire™ Connections
• Independent 2-Wheel Dual-Motor Drive Kit
• Manual LiteALL™ LED Work Light with Magnetic Base
• Compatible With Your Existing Shur-Co® ShurLink EZR™ or ShurLink PRO™ Remote
• The Perfect Product To Pair With Your Shur-Co® ProTrap® or AutoTrap™ 

DO NOT operate this product using the SMART™ Express Mode due to operator safety concerns.