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SMARTwire™, a patented Shur-Co® product created with corrosion prevention in mind. The sealed connections, molded plugs and high-current brass pins create a wiring solution unlike anything available anywhere else. SMARTwire™ was specifically designed for the harsh environments the agriculture and construction industries face daily.

High-quality design and construction makes SMARTwire™ the ideal solution for other applications including marine accessories, pick-up truck accessories, salt spreader accessories and more. Custom order your SMARTwire™ to fit your specific needs.


Silicone Seals - SMARTwire™ plugs and sockets utilize automotive-grade silicone seals to prevent water intrusion. Capable of temporary immersion, these connectors can survive harsh environments including off-road applications and exposure to road salt and de-icing chemicals.
Molded Plugs - Shur-Co® high-current plugs and sockets are over-molded directly onto the 4- or 6-gauge cable. This produces a waterproof seal at the back of the plug, preventing water intrusion along the cable.
Brass Pins and Sockets - The pins and sockets in our SMARTwire™ high-current connectors are CNC machined to close tolerances, guaranteeing a tight, low-resistance connection every time. These connectors have the same resistance as the 6-gauge cable, so you won’t see additional voltage loss.
Wires and Cables - Shur-Co® wire and cable materials were selected for high flexibility, chemical resistance and wide temperature range. We use high-strand count copper conductors in our 4- and 6-gauge cables, allowing easier routing and tight radius bends.
Locking Pins - SMARTwire™ high-current connectors have through holes to accept stainless locking pins. The locking pins prevent connector separation which can occur under high-shock loads or when the cables get covered with mud or ice.
Easy Installation and Expansion - SMARTwire™ cables come fully terminated ̶ no more stripping and crimping. You select the length, wire gauge and connectors or terminations to fit your application. When you need to connect to more than one device, our fully sealed 3-way Harness Junction Block converts one input to 3 outputs. It utilizes our precision-machined, low-resistance pins and sockets and our stainless locking pins.

  Voltage Rating   38 volts DC Max
  Current Rating   100 amps continuous, 200 amps peak (for no more than 10 seconds)
  Connector Style   Over-molded 2-conductor with silicone gasket seal and locking pin
  Contact Style   Precision-turned brass pins and sockets
  Connector Sealing   Immersion tested to 12" water depth
  Wire Gauges Available   4AWG and 6AWG
  3-Way Junction Block Available   Splitter module available to supply power to multiple accessories
  Patents   Active and pending patents can be found at

Suggested Applications
 Truck and Trailer Accessories   Wire all your accessories including spot lights, winches, EMS light bars and more while keeping your electric connections protected.
 Marine Accessories   Operate all your accessories, including trolling motors, lights, fish finders, boat lifts and more while ensuring the connectors remain dry and secure.
 Charging Vehicles and Scooters   Keep moving and feel confident your mode of transportation will be properly charged* when you need it.
 Snow Plow Lighting and Actuators   Have the peace of mind that your snow removal equipment will have power when you need it in the harshest environments.
 ATV Winch Power   Keep your ATV winch and other electric accessories ready for work or recreation.
*Use of a properly operating and maintained charger must be used. Shur-Co® is not responsible for undercharging due to the charger not working or not maintained properly. Your battery charger must be properly rated for your application