Turning Point Bow™


Bows swing up and out of the way for loading! Our exclusive Turning Point Bow™system is controlled with a pull of the rope, while the operator remains safely on the ground. This tarping system, exclusively from Shur-Co®, is perfect for those who haul heavy aggregate and are continually damaging their bows during loading.

A center pivoting ridgepole holds the tarp without sagging, so you need fewer bows. Angled brackets allow the bows to move freely, for a smooth operation from start to finish. The patented locking system provides secure support during transport and serves as a skid plate when the bows swing closed.

When you upgrade to our Electric Turning Point Bow™ the operator remains safely in the cab while operating the tarp system with a rocker switch or one of our SMART™ remote options. Perfect when operating in hazardous work zones.

Key Features
Durable Swivel - Each bow is connected to the ridgepole at the center of the bow with a 1-inch solid steel pivot pin creating durable swivel point for the bows to operate.
High-Clearance Bows - The design of the Turning Point™ Bow uses angled pivot brackets which allow the bows to swing not only over but upward. This allows you to clear heaped loads as they open and close more easily.
• Easy Release and Capture - Spring-loaded locking pins make locking and unlocking the bows as easy as pulling a rope. Pull the rope to release the pin, allowing you to pull the bows to the side in the open position. When done loading, simply pull the bows across the load and let the locking pins capture the bows and lock them into position.
Gatorshield® Tough - Bows and ridgepole have been constructed from strong Gatorshield® galvanized steel tubing, creating a corrosive-resistant tarp system that ranges over 100 feet.